There are many sources of waste and cost inflation in the American healthcare environment, but emergency rooms really stand out. A single visit to an emergency room can cost thousands of dollars, even when a relatively simple medical issue is the motivation. Overuse of the nation’s emergency rooms, in fact, has been identified by some experts as amounting to an epidemic, with negative side effects rippling throughout the healthcare system in general.

Fortunately, educational efforts are producing some results, and more Americans are realizing that the emergency room should be reserved for the most acute and serious of medical problems. Of course, relying on a visit to a family doctor will not make up for the gap that might be left, but there is another alternative that is far more suitable. The urgent care clinics that have multiplied so usefully in recent years across the country have, in many cases, turned out to be just what is needed to address an important class of health-related issues.

While that is progress of an undeniable kind, it is by no means the last word on the subject. The fact is that many people have access to an even more appropriate and convenient kind of care, and one that likewise results in an appealing allocation of costs and medical resources. As mobile urgent care services like the one at become more widely available and better known, many expect this relatively new form of healthcare to become the norm for certain needs and people.

What services like Anywhere UrgentCare do for patients is put a highly qualified nurse practitioner at their service and in their homes. Instead of needing to nurse a deep cut on the way to a Colorado Springs urgent care clinic miles from home, someone who has suffered an injury that does not merit the emergency room can simply sit back and wait. Equipped to handle just about any problem that could be addressed in a standard urgent care setting, a nurse practitioner working for such a service also provides a kind of responsiveness and convenience that is not to be underestimated, as well.

For people for whom travel can be difficult, stressful, or inconvenient, this kind of service can obviously be of great use. Even for a parent for whom a trip to a local clinic could require watching over several children, having a nurse practitioner make a house call could well prove to be worthwhile. This more flexible style of urgent care attention builds on a positive development, then, in a way that adds even more value.